Track Chair

Prof. Dr. Erman COŞKUN, Izmir Bakircay University


This mini-track is designed to include IT and IS utilization in Emergencies, Disasters, Pandemics, or Crisis situations. All theoretical or application papers are welcomed. Especially papers involve Covid-19 and IT, IS are encouraged to be submitted.

Recommended topics

 Some of the topics are but not limited to :

IT and IS role and utilization in  emergency management and crisis situation

Planning for the response to an emergency management and crisis situation

Responding to an emergency management and crisis situation

Evaluating the performance during and after the emergencies and crisis

Biography of the Chair

Dr. Erman Coskun is a full professor of Management Information Systems at İzmir Bakırçay University. He has an academic career of over 18 years, having held positions in the United States, Turkey, and Cyprus, and Saudi Arabia.Dr. Coskun’s research is focused on Business Analytics, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Resource Planning, and Disaster and Crisis Management. His research has been published in journals including Government Information Quarterly, Systems and Software, Information and Software Technology, Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management and top conferences in MIS area such as International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), Americas Conference on Information Systems(AMCIS), European Conference on Information Systems(ECIS). Dr. Coskun earned his doctorate in Engineering Science and his Master’s in Industrial and Management Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in NY, USA. He also holds an MBA in Management Science and Quantitative Methods from Pace University NY, USA as well as an MS and BBA from Istanbul University, İstanbul, Turkey. Dr. Coskun is currently serving as an Information Systems program evaluator for ABET and he is a member of Association of Information Systems. He is also a founding member and academic relations committee chair of Turkish chapter of AIS.